The “Jungle Knockout” EP is quite frankly his best work to date. I’ve come to be a tremendous promoter of this EP since I first heard it couple of months back.

My favourite track from the EP is without a doubt Marc Rémillard’s remix of the lead song. Injecting a heavy dose of hard-hitting distortion with a hook slightly reminiscent of R3hab and Swanky Tunes’ “Sending My Love”, Rémillard has created a smashing hit. This is a definite banger!

It’s been a while since I posted here. A couple blogs posted about my new stuff, I’ll try to post them all here.

Here’s a blog from Budapest posting about my remix of Florence And The Machine. I think this is one of my best remixes so far, and I’m receiving an impressive feedback!

Marc Rémillard has been around for around three years now, dropping tracks through a variety of labels. It was only a matter of time before T&B came across him and “Downtown” produces a sound that the guys at T&B love. It reminds me of that sound I first heard when I discovered T&B – I could probably push it as far to say that it is nostalgic! The whole bassy techno vibe contrasted with the coconut percussion (I should probably just call it tropical…) is smoothly brought together on this. It’s been doing the rounds on Drop The Lime‘s sets all summer and it is finally seeing an official release via Trouble & Bass on the 7th December.

Ajoutez une alarme à votre agenda pour le 15 janvier, car le redoutable Marc Rémillard débarque avec ses copains Alexandre Doré alias Ahllex, de même que Softswap et le fameux Dee, qu’on a reconnu à Tout le monde en parle le 31 décembre. Le prétexte est sérieux, soit le lancement du EP nommé Jurassic, de même que la première diffusion du clip pour la chanson Disco Raptor. Mais l’ambiance sera cordiale, inspirée de la tradition french touch, mais montréalisée, pour ne pas dire plus trash et sale que la version originelle parisienne.

François Gariépy, Journal VOIR, Québec, 6 janvier 2010.

Marc’s “Feeling Fresh” is a flying dream, which we enter through a soft focus beat. It crashes into our subconscious and keeps us “fresh” with whimsical accents that ascend into a steadily rolling sky that I imagine is painted with the colors of twilight. We soar over a glowing landscape toward a pulsating horizon. It’s a dream we never want to wake up from. If you’re feeling dreamy - or lovely - catch Marc’s original track and its accompanying remixes over at his MySpace.
Liz Acosta, Happyland Blog, 2009.